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Author: 0Censor

How Democrats Plan to Take Down Trump

It is no secret that since President Trump’s first day in office, it has been a goal of the Democrats to eventually get him impeached. After losing on taxes among other things, the Democrats have devised a new plan of attack. They want to capitalize on the sexual assault hysteria in politics and their first step was throwing Senator Al Franken under the bus. Several women accused Franken of sexual harassment, including groping and forcing kisses upon them. Several Democratic senators, one after another, called on Franken to resign the day before his resignation. One could see statements on...

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Doug Jones Won but America Lost

Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race against Roy Moore, but the American people lost. Allow me to make this perfectly clear: the people of Alabama were willing to elect a man who supports abortion and opposes American values over a man who was a proven lifelong American patriot. If you were living under a rock for the past several weeks, you would be surprised that a deep red state would elect a Democrat to the Senate over a seemingly principled conservative. After all, a vote in the Senate is a serious commitment. What was it exactly that these...

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Trump Is Keeping His Promises

President Donald Trump is a man of his words… and he has many words. So far, Trump has fulfilled numerous campaign promises. Most recently, he has fulfilled the promises of tax reform and moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. After tax bills were passed in the House of Representative and the Senate, the last step for Trump’s promise of lower taxes being fulfilled is a reconciliation between the two bills and Trump’s signature. One key feature of the tax plan is a 20% corporate tax rate. A low corporate tax rate is necessary for another Trump promise:...

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Joy Reid and Leftist Double Standards

MSNBC host Joy Reid has come under fire for statements that she has made a decade ago. In 2007, 2008, and 2009, Joy Reid wrote many articles criticizing then-governor of Florida, Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist is a Democrat, and former Republican, who had served as a state representative before serving as governor from 2007 to 2011. The articles, which some have criticized as anti-gay, appeared on Reid’s blog, The Reid Report. She was around 40 years old when writing her pieces. She referred to the governor as “Miss Charlie” and a “gay politician” despite the governor having a heterosexual...

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