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Author: Timothy Benton

Indictment – The Russians Supported and Attacked Both Candidates

We have heard for the last few years that Russia conspired with Trump and his team to put him in office and make sure Clinton did not. We have heard the rants; somehow they changed the elections, Trump’s team worked with them to make sure they somehow stole the elections, now this, Russians actively involved with anti-Trump rallies how did this happen? It turns out an indictment shows a different story. Naturally, Politico ran an article, for some reason, all mention of the Russians staging anti-Trump rallies was omitted from their report; why was that? The answer is simple;...

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The left’s Move To Emasculate Boys and Men

Boys and men, many times rough and tumble, for years parents say this is just boys being boys, figured out ways to redirect this energy, most times the father had a hand in this, but now this is all under assault. We now see an assault by the left on all that makes up the male psyche; they act like it is a blight, a problem; the feminist and the far left are trying to emasculate the men, subdue what makes them what they are, one has to wonder what are the effects of this? We have seen the...

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Why Is There Suddenly So Many Shootings?

We turned on the news yesterday, saw the horror of more kids running from a school, turn on Twitter, they have a feed of the kids while the shooter is shooting outside their classroom in Florida. I don’t know about you, but I sat down for a second, said a prayer for the families, then asked myself, “Why?: I know what the left will say, it is the guns, as if somehow the guns magically threw themselves in the shooters hands, and he had no choice but to pull the trigger, we all know this is not true. So...

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Did Obama Have A Hand In Conspiracy to Remove Trump?

We have heard up to this time that in the move by the government trying to control Trump’s ascension to the office of president and possibly set up what is going now to remove him from office may have been much more involved then what was let on. We have also heard that Obama was not involved, in this whole period we have been feed a narrative that he is not engaged, he was somehow above this, but was he? It turns out his hands may have been much dirtier than we knew.  So far the narrative has been presented...

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The Left’s Continuing Love Affair With Socialism

I have always been amazed by the left’s  love affair with socialism, their willingness to stick up for regimes that hate the US. While they have no problem attacking the president, this government, the evilness they see in our nation, they ignore all the atrocities, the mass murder, and genocide, the total lack of any rights in socialist countries, this seems to be what they want to bring here.  In the 1950’s and 60’s, they marched with signs, “Better Red the Dead,” the New York Times would write glowing pieces about Stalin’s Russia but refused to cover the famine...

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