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Author: Timothy Benton

Did Israel Steal the Ancestral Home of the Palestinians? Part 2

We look at the claim of the Palestinians, that Israel stole their lands, is there any truth to this? If so, what does history teach us? Before I start, in the last article I was asked why I didn’t bring religious claims into this, the reason is rather simple, religion is very subjective to what one believes in, it is not with tangible proof, and what I am dealing with is historical proof, not what religious writings have said about the matter. I am not advocating one faith over the other; I am not either looking to see who...

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It Is Time To Stand Up For The Kurdish People

The hypocrisy of the world is there for all to see with the Kurdish move for freedom. We have for years heard the Muslim world, the EU, NATO, the US along with the rest of the nations, including in the UN, put pressure on one nation to give independence to a people who claim they have hereditary rights to the land, the Palestinians, but because they are not dealing with Israel and the Jews, instead are with Arabs dealing with a people who since the breakup of the Ottoman empire have looked and fought oppression, being gassed, mass murders,...

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Son of Hamas Calls Out Palestinian Authority

In a UN session the Son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef exposes both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas for what they are in a moving speech. Son of Hamas speaks at UN. In a very brave move the Son of Hamas, Mosab Hassan Yousef, calls out the hypocrisy displayed for all to see within the UN. The looks on the Arab Ambassadors faces was priceless, this man stood up and shocked the assembly by daring to tell the truth. It is time the truth be told and not only expose’s the Palestinian Authority’s lies and hypocrisy, but as 0censor shows...

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Taking A Knee

Taking a Knee We are faced or more like forced to partake in the discussion of if it is OK to show what many see as disrespect while the flag is flown. We saw that this week with the Jacksonville Jaguars, they even had the owner on the field kneeling with the players, Pittsburgh said they would not come out for this event, you have a singer in Detroit sing the national anthem, then in protest took a knee. What started as a trickle with Kaepernick has turned into an avalanche with whole teams doing this, now you even...

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