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Why Are The Democrats Pushing Slavery Reparations So Hard?

This is more liberal looniness, it makes no sense, what is happening is the left has ignored the African American voters for years, they are now seeing an alarming rise of support leaving them, this is totally unacceptable to them. Right now African American support for Trump is at 35%, this is unheard of, it keeps rising, the left could be in serious danger of losing the support they have taken for granted for so long.

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Trump Recognizes Israel’s Claim on the Golan Heights

This land is Israeli land; you can see that in the ruins of Synagogues from the Judea time in Golan, it was the land that the tribes of Dan and Manasseh, it was part of the Jewish empire until the time of the Roman destruction of the state. Claiming this was part of Syria is nothing but nonsense, there, like Israel, was no Syria in existence in 1918, it was part of the Ottoman Empire, it was a territory, just like Israel was.

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2020 Election Democratic Contenders

The one problem I see with all the Democrats, they dream big, but dreams are just that, dreams, if you can’t find a practical way to implement them, they will never be anything other than dreams. If you push to implement without figuring how to finance it, you will end up with broken dreams, nothing more.

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