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At 0censor we believe that conversation and compromise takes both sides.  If you only listen to those who agree with you, then you will learn nothing.  Here we strive to represent BOTH sides of the argument and allow BOTH sides to be heard so that you, as an individual can make an informed decision.  Keep an open mind and read both sides of the argument, you might be surprised.


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Trump Recognizes Israel’s Claim on the Golan Heights

This land is Israeli land; you can see that in the ruins of Synagogues from the Judea time in Golan, it was the land that the tribes of Dan and Manasseh, it was part of the Jewish empire until the time of the Roman destruction of the state. Claiming this was part of Syria is nothing but nonsense, there, like Israel, was no Syria in existence in 1918, it was part of the Ottoman Empire, it was a territory, just like Israel was.

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