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What Exactly Has Trump Done?

What Exactly Has Trump Done?

What Exactly Has Trump Done?

We have all been asked this question, you would think from watching the news other then putting a supreme court justice on the empty bench in the court, he has done nothing. We have heard the cries from the left, the only thing they think he has done since taking office nine months ago was collude with the Russians or run off on Air Force One to have fluff pictures with other heads of state, and this is what the leftist controlled news wants you to know.

They have focused on the lack of work accomplished on our President by the congress, but I must ask, how is this the president’s fault, can anyone tell me how many votes the democrats have cast to support anything he has done to date? I can, ZERO. What about the old establishment GOP members like John McCainLisa MurkowskiSusan CollinsJeff FlakeCory GardnerLindsey GrahamDean HellerMike LeeRob PortmanBen SasseDan Sullivan, and Bob Corker? And these are just the ones that are more prominent in their opposition to all that Trump is passing forward, you have senators like McCain and Corker who have acted like children, McCain has gotten so bad that he has taken foreign trips to openly attack Trump, has shown that he would rather vote with the DNC members then with Trump, to be rather blunt, he and the rest of these swamp creatures need to go in the next election.

So with all this opposition, senators and congressmen that have shown they would rather vote with the opposition then vote for Trump, their vendetta’s have shown they care more about what they perceive as slights then in representing the interest of their own constituents, what has Trump been able to accomplish to date in spite of them? Why don’t we take a look at that!


1. Supreme Court Judge Gorsuch

2. Removed Tax penalties from Obama Care.

3. 59 missiles dropped in Syria

4. He took us out of TPP

5. Illegal immigration is now down 70%( the lowest in 17 years)

6. Consumer confidence highest since 2000 at index 125.6

7. Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a seven year high

8. Arranged from 7% to 24% Tariff on lumber from Canada

9. Border wall under construction. Hired more boarder and INS agents.

10. Pulled out of the lopsided Paris accord

11. Keystone pipeline approved

12. NATO allies boost spending by 4.3%

13. VA now allowed to terminate bad employees

13. Allowing private healthcare choices for veterans

14. More than 900,000 Jobs created

15. Median household income at a 7 year high

16. The Stock Market is at the highest ever in its history

17. China agreed to American import of beef

18. $89 Billion saved in regulation rollbacks

19. Rollback of A Regulation to boost coal mining

20. MOAB for ISIS

21. Travel ban reinstated

22. Executive order for religious freedom

23. Reinstituted the Mexico City Policy preventing US taxpayers $$$ from funding abortions to foreign countries.

24. Jump started NASA

25. $600 million cut from UN peacekeeping budget

26. Targeting of MS13 gangs

27. Deporting 1000’s of violent illegal immigrants

28. Signed 41 bills to date

29. Created a commission on child trafficking

30. Created a commission on voter fraud

31. Created a commission for opioids addiction

32. Giving power to states to drug test unemployment recipients

33. Unemployment lowest since May 2007

34. Historic Black College University initiative

35. Women In Entrepreneurship Act

36. Created an office for illegal immigrant crime victims

37. Reversed Dodd-Frank

38. Repealed DOT ruling which would have taken power away from local governments for infrastructure planning

39. Order to stop crime against law enforcement

40.  End of DAPA program

41. Stopped companies from moving out of America

42. Promoted businesses to create American Jobs

43. Encouraged country to once again – ‘Buy American and hire American’

44. Cutting regulations – 2 for every one created

45. Review of all trade agreements to make sure they are America first

46. Apprentice program

47. Highest manufacturing surge in 3 years

48. $78 Billion promised reinvestment from major businesses like Exxon, Bayer, Apple, SoftBank, Toyota

49. Denied FBI a new building

50. $700 million saved with F-35 renegotiation

51. Saves $22 million by reducing white house payroll

52. Dept of Treasury reports a $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (2nd largest in history)

53. Negotiated the release of 6 US humanitarian workers held captive in Egypt

54. Gas prices lowest in more than 12 years

55. Signed An Executive Order To Promote Energy Independence and Economic Growth

56. FBI & CIA investigating and AG & DOJ prosecuting and convicting those who have committed acts of treason within our government; threats against the WH, stealing and releasing classified information including e-mails, phone conversations, pay to play, etc, etc.

57. Has already accomplished more to stop government interference into people’s lives than any President in the history of America

58. President Trump has worked with Congress to pass more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman

59. Has given head executive of each branches 6 month time frame, dated March 15, 2017, to trim the fat, restructure and improve efficiency of their branch. (Observe the push-back the leaks the lies as entrenched POWER refuses to go silently into that good night!)

60. Last, refused his Presidential pay check. Donated it to Renovation of National Parks and Monuments and Veterans issues

Looking at the accomplishments

If you look at this list, you see now that in spite of McCain and his fellow obstructionist working with the DNC members in every way to stop Trump and his agenda, what he has accomplished is worthy of high praise, the fact that he has done this in spite of stiff opposition in many cases from his own party is shocking, and the fact that the press has refused to share this with the public, that is almost criminal in nature.

Our president has more then delivered, in his vernacular, he delivered in a MEGA way. As Americans that voted for him we have a right to be proud, in spite of not only the left pulling their typical nonsense, you have many in his own party that are more interested in backstabbing him then actually working to get things done, yet he has accomplished all of this, can you imagine what he could have gotten done if his own party members were not so hell bent on obstructing him?

What Can We Do To Help

I think it is important with all the negative press that we sit and take a look at his accomplishments, take notice of the senators and house members from both sides of the Isle that have worked to obstruct his agenda every step of the way. We need to file this away, remember this, the ones like Corker are stepping down, others like McCain are more part of the swamp then they are representing the will of the people, the DNC members as a whole that are obstructing we need to take a look at them and act.

Come elections we would do well for the nation to replace the GOP members that are obstructing, showing they are more concerned with how things have always been done, hanging on the old corrupt ways of the swamp, replace them with new representatives, people that will actually represent us, not tickle our ears every couple of years. We need to make our voices heard, make sure to come out and vote in the mid term elections when the turn out is historically low,  like it or not, the left is motivated to turn out, the only way we will stop them is to bring ourselves to the voting booth, drag our friends with us, motivate the ones that normally don’t turn out, get them to vote. We need to make our voices heard, not site at home and do nothing,  complaining when things did not turn out the way we wanted, we are not democrats.

We need to take a lesson from the left, we have never seen the right unite like they have, put out grass root campaigns, stir up the young and elderly alike. We need to find our voice, put people in office that will not be afraid to be heard, the timidity we see now needs to go away. Our focus should be on the ones that are tired of this all and do nothing, the reality is about 40% of this country never votes, like it or not the majority of them lean conservative, it is the exact reason why the left leaves them alone, stirring them up would be a disaster for them.

We need to start to figure out what it will take to motivate them to vote, to find candidates that can stir them up, get them to the polls, had we done that in Obama’s terms he would never have been elected in the first place, let alone for a second term. We need not to turn out in elections, we aren’t whiny tit babies like these fools from the left crying over what was done, we can drive the future now with our vote.

Remember, this nation once had these silent majority vote, no longer, but we can stir up and motivate from within, make this nation a better place, make sure it is our values that are represented, not a few elite in office that dictate to us what our values should be. We can do this, and the simple fact is we have a great leader sitting in the white house that can do this with us, we need to give him the people in congress and the senate that will work with him,  forwarding the agenda, if we do this we will put to shame the activist ways the left has done, it is time to move forward and let the voice of the silent majority of this nation be heard, the politicians that want to obstruct, put them in the swamp with the rest of the swamp things.




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Timothy Benton

Author has studied Middle East History for the last 35 years, am a lifetime student of history. Has an interest in sports, tech, history and political events. Works as a Republican political commentator who looks at events from a conservative's perspective.

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