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The Democratic party, from Roosevelt to Today

The Democratic party, from Roosevelt to Today

We have seen for the last year, democrat’s marched in the streets, screams in the sky (like we saw two nights ago), people screaming in anguish that Trump is president, but I must ask? Is your life so petty that you are going to find much of your time consumed over who was elected? I may also add, I remember Obama told us all when he was elected the second term, “Elections have consequences”, the very people screaming this at us are now screaming in anguish, yelling that we are somehow sub-par because we voted for Trump, demanding of us why we don’t care about their feelings. Seems the democratic party today is not the party of old.

Well, I hate to break it to you, no one cares about your feelings other than your friends, your parents, siblings, mate and children, no one else could care less, they are yours, they have no bearing on us. And thinking you have a right to try to pass on that misery, label, I personally am so done with it, when I have people try this now, I just tell them “I reject that label” (and this triggers them all by itself, had a person the other day screaming, “You can’t reject what I call you, you have to OWN IT!” They even got angrier when I told them not only do I not accept it or OWN IT, I don’t care, your label means nothing, it is an opinion, a rather worthless one at that, and the only one it matters to is you). You see, most of the world understands, in work, no one cares if your day is good or bad, if your husband or wife is having an affair, sure not if you are stressed over whom won the election, when I used to own a large business and had many employees, I would have told an employee once, “Grow up, put on your adult hat and stop acting like such a tit baby!” I was running a business, your personal misery was not my problem, if you can’t work, go home, I’m not paying you to do nothing, if this continues, then find another job. Hate to break it to you millennials, that is the way the real world works.
And this screaming about Trump, get over it, when Obama was elected the first time I will admit, I did not vote for him, didn’t for sure the second election, did not like his policies, but NEVER did I scream that he was not my president, like it or not he was, this is not set on emotional acceptance, it is a FACT of life, you can no more say this isn’t so then say you are not the person (I was going to say, man or woman,, but today that seems to be so fluid and mixed up, I stopped caring what is politically correct or not, you come looking like a man, carry yourself as one, I will address as such, if you are the same as a woman, I will do the same, if it offends you, I really don’t care, deal with it).
But back to Trump, you want to scream, you have idiots like our democrat’s in Hollywood, crying and acting like a bunch of drama queens (they are actors after all), you have billionaires in California putting out millions in ads to impeach Trump, like adds, would affect this one way or the other. And has anyone thought of the precedence this would start? Seems we hear moronic adults like Keith Olbermann, another democrat, the silly child thinks that resisting means bitching about everything, pointing out every conspiracy site like it is based on truth, and in the meantime, this is what we see:

And back to impeachment, if you do impeach Trump, then what happens when the GOP has control of both houses, decides they don’t like who the democrats has in office, so they impeach them, remember now the bar for impeachment is no longer based on the preponderance of law, it is based on what the people that control the senate and the congress want and remember this will be driven not only by party lines but by pressure from their constituents, so if they don’t like the next democratic president that comes in, that will be enough to impeach. I have to ask, can you imagine the reaction of the left if they had done this to Obama? We all know the answer to this, you think the riots were bad during Obama’s term, that would be nothing compared to what you would experience in this case.

We saw the same type of thing when Obama was in office, the refusal of the Democrats to look for ramifications of their actions in the future. First, you have the Democrats now yelling that they are left out of the process of governing, the GOP has not even pretended to bring them into the loop, not that they would go anyways, but do they remember when President Obama took office the Democrats owned a super-majority in both houses, what Obama said? “I won, now sit back, let us take care of this!”, yet when the shoe is on the other foot, we hear just the opposite.

And what is worse, well the press of course. You used to have opinion writers like me, I don’t pretend with these pieces to give you factual news, they are opinions, that is why when you look at the top, the story is listed as an “OPINION”, yet you have the news today presenting themselves as news when they are nothing of the sort. I am sure we all remember Trump’s woman he dated, how the New York Times ran a story, “Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private”, yet when some of the women they interviewed said they said nothing of what the paper claimed, how their words were taken out of context, they said the reporters, that were supposed to be reputable put their own words in the article, misquoted and misrepresented what was stated, and this came from more than one, yet when confronted, they said they stuck by their story, what is more, the reporters actually went around and refused to retract the comments they made up and added to the story, it was nothing but a hit piece. It used to be a reporter would have been fired for such reporting, but no, instead the New York Times, a one time trusted news source stood by them. Then take the election night, you have reporters that claim to be just that, but look at their responses to the victory of Trump:

(please excuse the language, I posted this for accuracy, it is more important to show what really happened, not bleep out everything said).

What happened to the days of actual reporting. Now people like Rachael Maddow, she never presented herself as a reporter, she comes out and says she is an opinion reporter (the same as Shawn Hannity with FOX), but the anchors from CNN, CBS and ABC who represented themselves as unbiased reporters, they showed in the election they were anything but. Sorry folks, the news is dead, but we at 0censor plan on resurrecting it, while we are in our infancy, we plan on growing to a unbiased reporting site, where we will one day have the news presented without bias, where opinion writers like myself will be identified as such but will be separated from the news, for even though I  report on the news, work hard to show where I get the information from, my articles are still heavily opinionated, to present them as anything else would not only be misleading but would be an outright lie.

It seems the left, that produced greats like Kennedy and Roosevelt, they have so lost their way, they aren’t coming to Americans with new idea’s, in the elections last week, we did not see issues presented any longer, we hear cries of racism, fake rumors that Trump is going to roll back the gains the LGBT crowd has made (yet ask for any proof of this, naturally they can’t provide anything). Rumors today with the press and the left are far more important then facts, what they want is the only thing that matters, if you don’t give in they attack (Antifa, Take Back Wall Street), you see rants against racism while groups like Black Lives Matter run around and chant to kill cops and yell racist remarks at white people (maybe they should check their own racism first). You see the left attacking Christians who at worst may pray for you, then in the next breath defend Islam saying the radical ones killing and beheading, they are not real Muslims (suggest you read the Koran, follow the life of Mohammad, they are doing not one thing he didn’t do). And if you point out what I just stated, they never respond with facts, it is about their feelings. I hate to break it to you, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS.

We need men like we had in the past, this is who we should be looking up to, hero’s that have shown their iron in the crucible of combat:

Not this:

Sorry folks, used to be when I thought of Democrats I thought:







Today seems when I see or think of Democrats, all I see is this:

Maybe it is time for the DNC to change their seal, here is a suggestion:



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