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The making of fake news.

The making of fake news.

The making of fake news.

We hear the yells from both the left and the right, #FAKE NEWS, you hear Trump yell it, the democrats use it, the republicans do as well, you hear this in accusations, sometimes because it is fake news, unfortunately it is also used to deflect from the truth,  it has gotten so bad that nowadays any news that the other side has issue with, the first thing you hear is FAKE NEWS, seems both sides of the political spectrum think if you attach a label then you don’t need to provide proof of your accusations. But how does it start, decided that this would be a good series, show the fake news, see how it started, what it changed to, in many ways you will find this is like the old telephone game, the story seems to change each time it’s told.

We start with:

Michelle Obama Doesn’t Look or Act’ Like a First Lady, says Virginia Voter Bobby Lussier

In this article, you first have run where Huffington post says a GOP voter by the name of Bobby Lussier says Michelle doesn’t look like a first lady. They quote the woman as saying:
I just — I don’t like him. Can’t stand to look at him. I don’t like his wife. She’s far from the first lady. It’s about time we get the first lady in there that acts like a first lady and looks like a first lady.
Huffington post then goes on to try to insinuate that all the GOP is saying this. Naturally, they are not able to show any references to back this claim up. This then goes to:

Michelle Obama’s Bare Arms Stir Controversy
Vanessa Jones, Boston Globe

Here they make claims that there is controversy, but they are unable to show any examples of it, instead, try to give innuendoes that it must be that way.

Then almost six years after the articles come out, you have the True Activist:

Conservatives Criticize Michelle Obama For Bare Arms, Stay Silent On Melania Trump’s Nude Poses
By Brianna Acuesta

Here you have reference to the first article, but in that article, they state that one voter, not all of them voiced this feeling, yet Brianna takes the liberty to say:
In two famous interviews with Al Shapiro from NPR at Mitt Romney events in 2012, a Virginia voter Bobbie Lussier summed up how Republicans feel about Mrs. Obama’s image. She stated that “I mean, can you imagine you know, Kennedys or the Bushes or anybody doing pushups on the floor? I mean you know. That’s just not the first lady.” Lussier further said, “They talk about more like her dresses and how she looks and stuff and her arms and whatever. […] You see her walking around in shorts, and you know, just real casual wear.”
Basically, what we have is in the first interview during the campaign for Obama’s second term, an interview ran with a single voter, the link she gives points that out, makes me wonder, did the author even bother to read her links, and if she had, why would she claim they said something they clearly did not?
What we saw in this case, and I will come online and show other cases over time where this is seen, and just not in  liberal websites, you see both sides of the political spectrum, the news then runs with this, what starts off as a single voter turns into encompassing the whole Republican party, this is how fake news ends up coming to us, first there is no checking of the story, or if there is then the author is going out of their way to be dishonest.

Can you imagine the outrage if a conservative site ran an article like this, then it was running on other sites until it finally said all the DNC were part of the KKK?

Klan leader claims KKK has given $20K to Clinton campaign
‘For the KKK, Clinton is our choice’

One must wonder, if any conservative author did this, saw a story of the KKK leader that said he was raising money for Hillary, ran a headline that said she was part of the KKK, which we all know she is not, can you imagine the outrage and yelling that would come from these same people?
It is time to bring integrity back to reporting, while one may be wrong, if you read the article, then report accurately what was stated, you don’t end up looking like a liar, thus losing the trust of the public when you are done.

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Timothy Benton

Author has studied Middle East History for the last 35 years, am a lifetime student of history. Has an interest in sports, tech, history and political events. Works as a Republican political commentator who looks at events from a conservative's perspective.

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