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Welcome to, home of free speech. 

We are tired of the constant attacks by the media and the large IT companies which try to stiffle free speech and have built this platform as a beacon to those who desire such.

Access to some of the most compelling articles on the net.  You won't find feelings, you'll find facts.

Tired of Facebook and other social sites that ban you for your speech?  Welcome to 0Censor Community!

You have questions?  Well our group of readers and contributors have answers.  Just ask a question...

We Moved!

You might have just landed here following an older link to the original site which is where we had our news.  Due to the huge demand for more products, we had to move that content over to which has caused some link issues.  If you want to find the original article, please go to the new site and search or just do a search below!

Thank you