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We at 0censor look at the news, political, national and international news, to see how people are reacting to current events and to allow you the reader to give input.

We also will be working with both movie and book reviews, have blog sites, and an exchange of ideas.

We pride ourselves that unlike other larger news and internet sites, we do not believe in censorship, we believe that free speech is a human right, as such should never be infringed on.

If speech is incorrect, racists, or ill-informed, the way to correct it is not to shut it up, you make people wonder why you are hiding it, you refute what was said, use the truth to expose what is being stated. 

All posts on 0censor are open to being refuted, either by comments or by another author giving their opinion, using facts to disprove what was stated. 

We believe opinions are valid, ones without proof not so much. 

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