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Should Trump Hold The Democrats Feet To The Fire?

Should Trump Hold The Democrats Feet To The Fire?

We all saw the confrontation with Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer in the White House yesterday, to me they looked like deer caught in a headlight, I don’t think they were expecting Trump to bring the press in when they had their confrontation. Thus the battle with the Democrats begins in earnest; the question will be, who blinks first?

I think Pelosi and Schumer thought they were going into the White House to set the president straight, but seems the thing they are now calling for they must have missed out, or conveniently forgot when Obama was president. As I recall they loved to the tell the GOP that elections have consequences, that Obama being elected, even though he had lost both the house and the Senate, meant that the GOP was going to have to do things the way Obama wanted, not the other way around, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, they are yelling because they want the standards they set to change.

They may not like this, but Trump was elected due to his calling for a wall to be built, the American people reacted to the House for not passing that wall, they voted out the majority of GOP members and gave it to the Democrats, but if the Democrats think all they are going to do is obstruct, refuse to do anything but run investigations, they are going to lose the one people that made their win possible, the independent voters, not to mention they will energize the Trump voters from the 2016 elections, the ones that don’t vote in midterm elections to come out and vote, their hold on the House could be very tenuous at best.

I think the Left may not like this, with the likes of Cortez and others trying to remake the face of the left, they are going to fight against any funding of a wall, the question is, can Pelosi whip them into line, to understand the need to compromise to get things done, or are they going to demand that all be given by the GOP in the way of comprise and nothing gets done.

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I hate the idea of a gridlocked Congress, but also know, if we are going to win back the house in 2020, and hold onto it in 2022; this is the only way to get it done. The American people need to be reminded what Democrat rule looks like, the reality of what it is, and the message you hear are two different things. The left does not care what their constituents want; they have an agenda to push, they will lecture all of us, including their constituents on their moral superiority, this is what the voters rejected in 2016 and am counting on them doing the same in 2020.

The passing of the torch to the DNC for 2 years may end up being a blessing the GOP has looked for, with their vindictiveness and outright insane socialist new members coming in, this is going to split the DNC like never before, the more idealistic members are going to demand change or are going to get very vocal over the lack of it. This will be on display before all, it will only show the DNC for what they are, a petty, vindictive party with no new ideas, the only platform they have left is to resist, and most times they don’t even know what they are resisting.

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